Monday, January 11, 2010

Cockadoodle Two

Well, I got sidetracked by all the housework I need to do--it's January, the month to organize! I've rearranged and reordered my art room so, hopefully, I have a little more workspace. If only I could figure out how to store my large sheets of paper so they don't get buckled or dented!

So, I have worked on the roo a little more, though I have to say it's mighty "busy" Very bright, maybe too many colors for such a little subject! But it's been very interesting and fun! Need to figure out how to keep my fingers out of the medium!

I was at HD and got a nice piece of 1/4 birch and I'm ready to see how I like painting and collaging on that for a substrate! I have little 4x4 tile pieces to practice on and I'm waiting for the gesso to dry on the first one. Now, to find the subject...


Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Wow sandy, these are looking great! I think the link is not working because you have it set up that way in blogger, when you leave a comment, if I click on your name, it does not take me to your profile, I think you need to change that in your preferences. I love the flower, the drips do look like stems, and I also love the rooster. very nice work, you are making huge progress!

Sandy said...

Elizabeth, your comments make me beam and inspire me to do more!!! This is the most fun art I've done in a while. Tonight at art club, my panda got second place for artist of the month, so it will be hanging in Stanhopes, our local gallery! Thanks for being a great teacher!

AND, I figured out that profile thing--thanks for letting me know!