Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting to the Turnips!

I started working first thing this morning, and before I knew it, the day was almost gone!!

I had to stop and re-think what I wanted for the upper right corner and as you see I just continued with the black. I finished the greens--YEAH! and did some touch up in spots. Oh, and put in the kraft paper, or paper bags, on the board. So, really all I have left to do is the board and the turnips. And the wording on the paper bag. I have some commitments for tomorrow so I may not get to work on it, but by this weekend, I should be nearing the finish--which is good, I could use a new piece for our club membership show. Maybe I can finish, get it matted and framed, and delivered by Friday of next week!!!!

ps--not sure I'll ever get a really good photo:(

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Green, Green, Green

Today is going to be a short day because I'm really sick of green!!!! I thought I'd be able to finish the green areas but I have a little more to go. But being tired of it is a good sign to stop. So, I added in a little color on the paper bag on the right side just for fun, and tomorrow, if I have time, will continue with those never ending leaves:)

Yuck--this is a really bad photo. Not enough good light to make a good photo. Tomorrow I will get a better one.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Adding Some Color

Today's work--some green in the leaves and the purple cloth. I love the colors in this piece! I've never really liked working with yellows and greens but I'm enjoying it this time. This is about 4-5 hours worth of work. I think the re-crop works--at least for the time being.

Friday, September 25, 2009

More in the Dark

Today's work finds me with all kinds of problems. My first thought 2 hours into the day was to toss it and start over. But I can just never let go! My initial crop and idea for the top left corner went south on me. I impressed the area where the leeks (those thready looking things) were hanging down; in the photo, I liked the looks of that and the bag. But after putting color in, the impressed area didn't look like I thought it should. So after thinking that toss thing, I decided to crop a bit more off the top--and liked it better than the original!!!! So, now I'm only working with a couple of impressed lines in that area and hopefully I can cover enough that it won't show up. While the problem is not solved, I think I'll keep going on it and see what happens. I'm almost ready to put in some green!
Photo is still not too good because it's too big to scan and it's been cloudy for what, 3 weeks!!!!! The new version is approximately 6x16.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Establishing the Darks

Trying something different for me--starting with the darks. I have the first layer in and it does make it easier to see what's going on. This first photo shows the ref because the drawing isn't far enough along to tell you much. This is part of a photo taken during the summer at a Farmer's Market. It is on Stonehenge and approximately 9x17.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time Flies!

This has been a very busy week and I haven't had time to start my new pieces. Wednesday I dropped off four pieces for the Four States Fair Art Show. Thursday was judging day and opening on Friday. I was there to view all the art and see who got what in awards. Though I think the show may have been smaller this year, it was well represented. My "Serenity" zebra brought me a 1st place in Animal/Wildlife and "Travelin' Man" a 3rd place in Portraits.

Later this afternoon I will be giving a demo in Scratchbord to the Piney Woods Art Guild. Though I'm nervous, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing some art!

Hopefully, I'll be back at the drawing board tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Woodpecker Finished!

This has been a finishing up week! I finished off three drawings, the zebra, Lance, and the Woodpecker! Now I can start something new, or maybe two somethings because I have so many lined up I can't decide which one goes first!
By the way, if you have any ideas about a title for this one let me know. I thought about "Late to Dinner" because the seeds are almost gone or something relating to his size in relation to the feeder. Suggestions????

Monday, September 7, 2009


You saw this zebra a ways back; I pulled it out not too long ago and decided to finish it up for the art show at the fair. I've done everything under the sun on this including putting a coat of varnish on it! I also didn't get a real good shot of it because I forgot to photograph it before matting it. It will be framed without glass.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to Lance

I'm putting Woody Woodpecker aside to figure out how to handle that paper--I probably should start over but I just can't give up. So, here's Lance. I think he's almost finished; maybe some touch up here and there. I like the way his face is a bit loose so I'll leave it that way. I find it very hard to get detail on this paper. If you remember, this is the UArt 600, so I'll be starting something soon on the 800--soon as more pencils arrive!