Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Beauty of Flowers in Collage

I don't know if the rooster is finished yet but he's being put aside for the moment. I got up early this morning and went straight to my work room and I only just now looked up--I worked right through breakfast and lunch--what a great diet!!!

Yesterday I was able to get a piece of 1/4" birch; I have a piece cut 6x6 for my trial piece. I coated it in gesso, both sides, and then used Jenkins Green for the background. I got a couple of runs which I like, and in the end actually look like stems! I put on my flower sketch and had a great time using some of the rice paper I painted with acrylics. Here is my little collage to date--I'm not sure if it's finished. I like the background as it is mostly. I'm not sure if I need to add more yellow pieces for the center of the flower. I'm going to look at it a while and think about it!


Diane said...

Wonderful--I love collage art!

Sandy said...

Thanks so much, Diane! I love it, too, I'm so glad I "discovered" it!