Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Festival Weekend

I love this time of year! Almost every weekend in October and most of November, the small towns of NE Texas have some kind of fall festival! Every year, on the last weekend of October, Omaha has a Country Fair and Art Show. I have participated in this small show for 3 years now. It offers no money for prizes but they give beautiful ribbons made especially for this show, and it's very enjoyable to get out and talk with the artists and townfolk! This year I won 2 First Place and 2 Second Place Ribbons, but will never top the first year when I received the Sweepstakes Ribbon!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outdoors, too--no rain! The drive to Omaha is very pretty and I saw more interesting things! First, I saw a cow lying (laying?) on a big pile of hay (was the ground too wet for him or was he saying "all mine!"); then down the road a ways, at my cat groomer's place, in fact, I saw two llamas stacked up, whoa!, took me a minute to realize what was going on! Then, over on the right, there is a miniature horse farm, I always love looking at those little animals. Finally, a few miles later, over on the left, is a herd of buffalo--yes, buffalo, something you don't see everyday! Is this what is meant by "stopping to smell the roses"?

Next Saturday, I hope to attend the Winnsboro Art Fest. More about that later!

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