Friday, October 2, 2009

Down to the Tweaks

FINISHED! All but a few tweaks here and there! But the way I work, I'll tweaked it to death, so it's good I have a day or two before I can get to the framer's. I'd love to hear any suggestions that would help make it look it's best. If you see a spot I missed please let me know. I will have one final post as soon as it's "tweaked to death" and has a proper title!


Carola Angrick Nix said...

Just my opinion but I think the turnips are all too similar. There isn't enough "depth" on that side of the drawing. I don't know if I can explain what I see... maybe the turnips look flat instead of rounded shapes which they are???

Sandy said...

Hi Carola, thanks for your comment; did you look at the enlarged photo? It's difficult to look at the photo and see very much because the colors oon the turnip are light; I used greyed lavender, ginger root, and some white to blend. Do you think I dare take the colors darker?

Carola Angrick Nix said...

Sorry, I didn't see your response until now. I think you did DARE! LOL and I love the result! Now the turnips just pop off the page! Wonderful job Sandy!