Saturday, October 11, 2008

Experimenting with Heat

I spent today playing around with a technique that's being talked about on WetCanvas, colored pencil on a heated surface. To experiment, I pulled out a drawing that I made years ago. It was meant to be a fantasy/abstract kind of drawing so the colors are pretty wild for me! Anyway, because this piece had lots of white specks showing through I thought it would make an excellent subject.

I placed my heating pad (minus the cover) on the drawing board and over that I used an acrylic cutting board from the kitchen, smooth side up. In testing, the board can get pretty warm, so warm that a couple of times I lifted my hand off quickly when I set it down. However, if you keep something under your hand, it's just right.

I found that it was best to add color to paper right on the heated surface. It seems that it makes the pencil move more smoothly, some colors more than others. So while not all my white is covered at this point, it definitely improved. Unfortunately, I didn't make a photo of the before product for comparison. But, I did enjoy the experiment enough that I will do another small piece by this technique soon.

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