Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wintery Scene

Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas decorations are up, and the shopping almost done. Today I finally had time to play at the art table a little. While I haven't managed to get back to either of the colored pencil pieces, I started before the holidays put them on hold, I have taken a little time here and there to study, practice, try out, whatever you want to call it, paper painting--or collage. I have found that I really enjoy this art form, though I am just beginning to learn something about it. I have researched collage artists and found one in particular who work I admire. She has marketed a DVD regarding her process and I am axiously awaiting its arrival. Til then, I am on my own.
So, here is today's work--an underpainting, in acrylic, that will be covered with bits of paper. The underpainting is very loose, just a base of color to enhance the paper. And, wintery looking, just like the weather today!

I just love having an excuse to collect all those pretty papers!

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