Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beginning to Collage

After painting some acrylic on various types of paper, I started tearing the paper into little bits and gluing to the underpainting with matte gel. I enjoyed the process but now have questions about the results. I have white edges around the paper bits, probably because the paper didn't absorb the paint all the way through; I thought because this was a fiborous decorative paper that it would work but maybe not. I might get some rice paper and try that. But, in the meantime, this is a practice run and I will continue to the finish, learning as I go!

As I said earlier, I learned of this method from a Florida artist, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. I purchased her DVD from her website and have thoroughly enjoyed it, she does beautiful work. I would love to be able to take one of her workshops. If you'd like to see her collage works, visit her at http://elizabethsthilairenelson.blogspot.com/


Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Sandy, tear the paper AWAY from you, rotate around so that you are always tearing away, this eliminates white edges. Also, rice and thinner papers will color all the way through. Fluid acrylics are good for this, more watery!

Experiment with multiple papers, thick and thin. I don't mind the white edges on some but not all, key is variety.

I also suggest gloss gel to keep colors more intense than the matte, which can be dulling. You can tone down the glossy with the final UV varnish coat! Hope this helps. Check my blog for new workshops being added all the time.

Sandy said...

Elizabeth, I'm so happy to see your comments here as I wanted to ask questions! Thank you very much! I'm discovering some things as I go along, but do hope I can get in one of your workshops soon!

Will add rice paper and gloss gel to my shopping list:)