Friday, September 25, 2009

More in the Dark

Today's work finds me with all kinds of problems. My first thought 2 hours into the day was to toss it and start over. But I can just never let go! My initial crop and idea for the top left corner went south on me. I impressed the area where the leeks (those thready looking things) were hanging down; in the photo, I liked the looks of that and the bag. But after putting color in, the impressed area didn't look like I thought it should. So after thinking that toss thing, I decided to crop a bit more off the top--and liked it better than the original!!!! So, now I'm only working with a couple of impressed lines in that area and hopefully I can cover enough that it won't show up. While the problem is not solved, I think I'll keep going on it and see what happens. I'm almost ready to put in some green!
Photo is still not too good because it's too big to scan and it's been cloudy for what, 3 weeks!!!!! The new version is approximately 6x16.

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