Monday, August 24, 2009

Woodpecker Update

A little more time on my woodpecker baby and this is what he looks like. I've decided changing paper AND pencils was not the thing to do. I love the smoothness of the paper but it just won't take as many layers as I'm used to. I also switched back to Prismas hoping a sharp point would help me get more layers on. Not working too well:( So, once again I find myself experimenting to get what I want--using a small amount of alcohol as a solvent; also not working, maybe because the Pablos aren't waxy? I don't know. I'm be adding more color, as much as I can, and another layer of solvent. I'm beginning to like it, so if this one doesn't work out, I'll try again on familiar paper. Tuesday note: I see I have a wrong angle on the feeder that I will correct for next time!


Carola Angrick Nix said...

Oh this is so funny. I believe I have the same bird feeder and I also had a wood pecker hanging off of it about a month ago or so. But by the time I got my camera he was gone. I just couldn't believe it when I saw this drawing, it was like deja vu. I am glad you got a picture :)

Sandy said...

Carola, I was super lucky to get this shot because he was gone the minute I snapped the shutter! I would like to have gotten some better shots but I'm thankful I saw him at all!

Thanks for looking in!