Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exchanging Portraits

Every year WetCanvas has a portrait exchange for Christmas. I SO wanted to sign up for this exchange but my portrait abilities are just minimal! I didn't want whoever got paired up with me to be disappointed--though I have to say, regardless of the portrait outcome, it really is FUN!! Anyway, I DID sign up and I have been working on the portrait from the photo provided by my partner. Mostly, it's finished but I still have time to look at it for a time and do some tweaking.

We still have til the first week of December on the exchange so I paired up with another member for a second portrait--I just started working on hers today!

Both of these photos are something that I never would have done had they not been given to me in this exchange. So I learned a great deal and probably will not be as apt to pass up something because it looks difficult.

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